Ahlgrens Bilar Original

Ahlgrens bilar are small, fruity marshmallow sweets in the delightful shape of a little car, and they are the most popular car in Sweden. These cool cars come in three different colours – green, white and pink. Full of fruity flavours and a delicious tangy finish, this is a chewy candy; not soft but with a sublime marshmallow texture.

The iconic bag is boldly designed in bright yellow and red, with a transparent mid-section that clearly shows the mouth-watering cars. A bag of Ahlgrens bilar brings a bright and inviting splash of colour into your day; tempting you to dive in and indulge in your favourite candy.

These colourful little cars first drove onto the scene in 1953 and have been the number one selling car in Sweden for the last fifty years. They were created in great secrecy and introduced with great fanfare. Each new generation has discovered these novel sweets and fallen in love with them. Chewy, but not too much, these are excellent for children as the sweet doesn’t instantly dissolve and disappear, allowing them to spend time savouring the sweet flavours.


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Glucose syrup, sugar, water, starch, gelatine, invert sugar syrup, acid (e270), acidity regulator (sodium lactate), vegetable oils (palm, palm kernel, coconut), flavourings, glazing agent (carnauba wax), colours (e141, e120).

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