Djungelvrål are salty liquorice candy shaped like little jungle animals and covered in a light dusting of ammonia salt. The initial hit is a strong and powerful burst of flavour. The salty part melts away quickly to reveal the chewy liquorice beneath, allowing a sweeter, gentler, essence to round out the taste experience. The creamy zest is not as sweet as other liquorice candies can be, and instead evokes the root sweetness of liquorice.

An eye-catching packet for Djungelvrål; Malaco’s candies are wrapped in bright red and yellow. A little monkey sits perched on a branch, clutching it with all four hands and feet whilst his mouth is wide open in a huge roar. Eyes closed, he looks like he’s enjoying himself. A little corner on the left of the packet is clear, and the monkey-shaped candies can just be seen monkeying around.

Djungelvrål means jungle roar in English and is a literal reference to the face most people make when these candies are eaten, especially for the first time. These crazy jungle animals are a delight for liquorice lovers everywhere, and surprisingly they make a great accompaniment to a cold glass of milk.


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glucose syrup, sugar, starch, modified starch, ammonium chloride (= saline), licorice extract, dye (e153), aroma.


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