Sour Mix

Can’t decide on what candy to pick? Need an easy gift idea? Let us mix it up for you. Pick a weight and we will mix our current selection of Swedish sour gummies.

Mix contents may vary.


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Glucose syrup; sugar; gelatine; corn starch; dextrose; flour; dark syrup; acid: citric acid; raw licorice (3% of the licorice portion); palm fat; aroma; fruit and plant concentrates: spirulina, safflower, apple, lemon, radish, sweet potato, carrot, black currant, hibiscus; invert sugar syrup; caramelized sugar; ammonium chloride; dyes: curcumin, carmine, copper complex of chlorophyllins, vegetable carbon; humectants: sorbitol syrup; salt; cocoa; preservative: sorbic acid; acidity regulator: sodium hydrogen sulfate; anti-caking agents: talc; palm oil; surface treatment: beeswax white and yellow, carnauba wax


0.5 lb (225g), 1 lb (450g), 2 lb (900g), 5 lb (2000g)

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