Valentine Candy Salad

Dive into a delightful flavor experience with our Valentine’s Candy Salad, an enchanting mix of Swedish favorite candies in passionate shades of red and pink. This exquisite ensemble is crafted with carefully selected treats to brighten your taste buds on Valentine’s Day and other romantic occasions.

Explore a world of flavors with classic Swedish candies, from strawberry squares to cherry bottles, where each bite is like a love story in your mouth. The beautiful colors not only provide a feast for the taste buds but also create a visual delight for the eyes.

Surprise your sweetheart or indulge yourself with this sweetest treasure trove of love. Our Valentine’s Candy Salad is more than just candy – it’s a symphony of love, flavors, and colors that elevates your taste journey to new heights. Make this occasion unforgettable with every delicious piece!

Mix contents may vary.

approx. 450g / 1 lb


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