Polly Original

Polly is an excellent Swedish chocolate. These are not just ordinary chocolate, inside the hills of chocolate you’ll find a delicious marshmallow filling. There are three different colours inside and each has its own flavour. The milk chocolate comes in two flavours; arrack (an Asian Liqueur) and butter toffee. The dark chocolate is flavoured with vanilla. The chocolate melts in the mouth just as it should, but then offers a delightful surprise with the added chewiness from the hidden marshmallow

The packaging is simple yet effective; a bright blue, with the name ‘Polly’ in large and festive yellow letters swirling through the centre. Pictures of the candies are featured on the outside, complete with the list of the flavours they contain. The brand name, Cloetta, is subtly placed in the top left hand corner so as not to draw attention away from the shiny chocolates on the front.

Moreish and delicious it is no wonder that seven out of ten Swedes enjoy tucking into a bag of Polly on any occasion. The best part is that they can be eaten in just one bite. Tasty and addictive, these gooey centred chocolates are hard to put down.


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sugar, vegetable fats (palm, shea), glucose syrup, cocoa mass, invert sugar syrup, WHOLE MILK POWDER, WHEEL POWDER (MILK), gelatin, emulsifiers (SOYALECITINE, E476), surface treatment agents (gum arabicin, shellac, (pectin), vegetable oils (coconut, rapeseed), acid (citric acid). May contain hazelnuts and almonds.

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